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“Anne Leigh Parrish has written a collection of stories that deserve a place on the shelf next to Raymond Carver, Tom Boyle, Richard Bausch, and other investigators of lives gone wrong. Parrish writes with painful clarity about marriages turned sour, children at war with their parents, women drifting from one damaging relationship to another, and about unexpected acts of generosity—an impoverished woman giving her battered piano to a priest who had befriended her, a schoolgirl who bribes a boy to pretend an interest in an overweight classmate, then finds that her kindness has disastrous consequences. These are potent and artful stories, from a writer who warrants attentive reading.” 
— C. Michael Curtis, Fiction Editor, The Atlantic Monthly

“Through stone-cold sentences and imagery that is stark, but never barren, Anne Leigh Parrish examines the difference between the heartbreak we are born into and the heartbreak we willingly seek out. Parrish asks what love beyond the mere bodily clench looks like, and how far will we go to find a love we can live with.”
— Gina Ochnser, author of The Russian Dream Book of Colour and Flight

“Anne Leigh Parrish's writing is pitch perfect, beautiful in detail and restraint, but what sets her stories apart is how they sneak up on you, each building to a surprisingly and deeply satisfying conclusion. Taken together in this collection, they resonate as an emotionally charged sonata of loss and hope.” 
— Tom Dooley, Editor of Eclectica Magazine

“In her debut collection, Anne Leigh Parrish gives us eleven sharp stories that lay bare the human need for connection, forgiveness, new life. Her working-class characters blaze off the page.” 
— Jill Meyers, Editor of American Short Fiction

All the Roads That 
Lead From Home
Stories by Anne Leigh Parrish

8.5 x 5.5 paperback, 176 pages
ISBN 978-1-935708-41-4
Anne Leigh Parrish is a native of upstate New York but has made Seattle, Washington home for almost thirty years. Her short stories have won numerous honors and awards, and have appeared or are forthcoming in The Virginia Quarterly Review, Clackamas Literary Review, American Short Fiction, The Pinch, Eclectica Magazine, Prime Number, Storyglossia, PANK, Bluestemr.kv.r.y., and many other publications. For more information, please visit
Praise for All the Roads That Lead From Home
Meet Cover Artist Lydia Selk
Lydia Selk lives in Washington State with her husband. He gave her a digital camera about six years ago. That gift ignited a passion. She tries to capture tiny stories whispered from abandoned and decaying objects, from trees in the forest, or from the back alleys in her hometown. See her work at
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Anne Leigh Parrish
Silver Medal Winner of the 2012 Independent Publishers Book Awards for Best Short Story Collection