Stefanie Freele Stefanie Freele

Surrounded by Water
stories by Stefanie Freele

ISBN 978-1-935708-57-5
8.5 x 5.5 paperback
170 pages
Stefanie Freele was born and raised in Wisconsin, and currently lives near a river (but not near enough) on the Northwest coast. Her stories have appeared or are forthcoming in several literary magazines, journals  and anthologies including Glimmer Train, Mid-American Review, Western Humanities Review, Sou'wester, Quarterly West, The Florida Review, Night Train, Prime Number Magazine, American Literary Review, Word Riot and Pank.
Awards for stories in Surrounded by Water include First Place in the Glimmer Train Fiction Open for “While Surrounded by Water”; Second Place in the Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest for “Us Hungarians”; a 2010 Million Writers Notable Story award for “Buccaneers”;  an Editor’s Pick in the Mid-American Review Fineline Competition for “Removal of Oneself From Corporate Identity”; and a Pushcart Prize nomination for “Pozniejszy.” 
Stefanie received a Kathy Fish Fellowship from SmokeLong Quarterly and served as Writer-In-Residence. She was also the 2010-2011 Healdsburg Literary Laureate. Her first short story collection, Feeding Strays (Lost Horse Press), was a finalist for the Binghamton University John Gardner Fiction Book Award and the Book of the Year Award from Foreword Reviews. Stefanie holds an MFA from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts and is currently Fiction Editor of the Los Angeles Review.

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Stefanie Freele
“Stefanie Freele's fiction offers the thrill of discovering details sure to be overlooked by a less alert eye. Her characters take control of their lives by insisting — as their author does — that each moment matters, and can become something resonant and moving and strange in the very best way. Read these rare stories, and you will learn all over again how to look.” 

— Steve Himmer, author of The Bee-Loud Glade,
    Editor Necessary Fiction
“With a poet's ear and a scientist's eye, Stefanie Freele recasts suburban ennui as existential terror, domestic drudgery as harrowing suspense. These stories are terrific—they are small in scope but their implications are enormous.” 
— J. Robert Lennon, author of Pieces for the Left Hand and Familiar

“If you like your darkness with a splash of humor, Stefanie Freele’s Surrounded by Water is the book for you. This smart mix of long and short-short stories is wonderfully crafted and filled with an array of uniquely flawed characters. Freele is a great storyteller. Read her work.” 
— Sherrie Flick, author of I Call This Flirting and Reconsidering Happiness 

“Tear open this latest bag of Stefanie Freele stories. Eat just one. Soon the bag will be empty, and you won't feel the least bit guilty. These stories contain minerals, vitamins, and fiber, but you'll swear they're too yummy to be good for you!” 
--- Bruce Holland Rogers, author of The Keyhole Opera

"Stefanie Freele is a master of getting out of her own way. Her stories are notable for what they are not: not at all predictable, not heavy or light, not true, not false. They are joyful, harrowing, quirky and deeply honest like the music of your thoughts when your head is clear and ears unplugged.” 
— Dan Coshnear, author of Jobs & Other Preoccupations

"Fiction allows us to explore the hypotheticals of our world more freely. Surrounded by Water is a collection of short fiction by Stefanie Freele, as she draws from her own experiences and study of the world to create very vivid short stories on many topics and the nature of life itself. With poetry and an original sense of humor, Surrounded by Water is a fine sampling of work, highly recommended."
— Midwest Book Review
Cover artist Dariusz Klimczak lives with his family in Poland, in the countryside near the Baltic Sea. His five-year-old daughter Nina is his source of joy and inspiration. He has been photographing for over 30 years, but about 10 years ago he began creating photomontages that have become his true passion. 

“I’ve always been an observer,” says Dariusz, “and creative photography gives me the opportunity to build new worlds from those that live in my imagination or subconscious. I want to tell stories through pictures, which moves the viewer to reflect or smile.”
Dariusz says that “Sofa No. 2” is a tribute to Frank Zappa. “You have to look elsewhere for inspiration,” says Dariusz. “Not just the outside, but also inside yourself. Imagination is unlimited, and the world that you can see is unique. I’m interested in the inner reality, the world filtered through myself. I don’t try to imitate or inspire anyone, only to realize my own ideas, in my own way.”

You can find more of Dariusz’s work (his people on stilts are some of his favorites) at and at
"Highly recommended." 
      — Midwest Book Review