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The Clock Flower
poems by Adrian Rice

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Born in Belfast and now teaching in the U.S., "Adrian Rice has a nice sense of what he is up to as a poet: I like and admire the way his district and his diction are so artfully tongue-in-cheek and hand-in-glove." 
—Seamus Heaney, recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature

What Happened Here
stories by Bonnie ZoBell

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"In clear, lucid prose, What Happened Here evokes a haunting sense of place—calling up a California you don't often read about, with Californians you don't often meet." —Lionel Shriver, author of Big Brother: A Novel
Guernica, revisited
poems by Richard Vargas

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“It’s the small miracles that bear the most light, allow dignity. Each of these poems is like a friend you can kick back with and talk religion, politics, sex, anything you are not supposed to speak of in polite company, and it will be all right."—Joy Harjo, author of She Had Some Horses, 2013 American Book Award winner for Crazy Brave: A Memoir

In a Country None of Us Called Home
poems by Peg Bresnahan

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“What a true gift we have in Peg Bresnahan’s dazzling new collection. The narrative voice in these poems has a focus that is honest, steady, and absolutely clear.... This poet’s gift is to offer the ordinary a moment of uniqueness that each life deserves."—Katherine Soniat, author of The Swing Girl

In the Season of Blood and Gold
stories by Taylor Brown

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"Almost all Taylor Brown’s stories are family dramas, stories of blood and kinship, betrayal, and conflicted loyalties. These stories reward the reader with surprise, authenticity, and the mystery of human connection."—Robert Morgan, author of The Road from Gap Creek
A Lake of Light and Clouds
poems by Terri Kirby Erickson

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"T.S. Eliot would call what she does mastering the objective correlative. I call it incarnating light. As Erickson shares images and experiences in her richly textured poems, she invites her readers into her own psyche, a place where we are all likely to feel accepted and warm." —Felicia Mitchell, author of The Cleft of the Rock
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poems by Robert Morgan

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"Morgan remains one of our keenest poets of lucidity and attention and makes sacred the peripheral, the often unsung. He stares deeply into that which we rarely consider, as all good poets do." —Oxford American

Time of Drums
a novel by John Ehle

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Time of Drums is the third book in John Ehle's seven-book Appalachian series, and follows the Wright and King families as the Civil War wreaks havoc on the South, both in the camps and at home.

The Seven Stages of Anger and Other Stories
stories by Wendy J. Fox

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"Wendy J. Fox's prose is strong and fragile at the same time. As she explores in these stories the hairline fractures in our relationships with life, ourselves and each other, you can't help but hold your breath for the big break you know is coming. The eggshells of everything? Fox owns the category."
 —Anastasia Ashman, editor of Tales from the Expat Harem
Waltzing with Horses
poems by Felicia Mitchell

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“This beautiful, magnificent book touched me almost beyond words. Felicia Mitchell is a poet whose voice matters. This volume, with its spare, moving words, will be with me for the rest of my days.”
—Philip Lee Williams, author of Elegies for the Water

Paper, Cotton, Leather
poems by Jenny Sadre-Orafai

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"Eloquent, wistful, and inventive, Jenny Sadre-Orafai's first book proves 'everywhere is an atlas.' She enlarges moments of wonderment and sadness into poems that map radiant intimacies and flickering bonds."
—Eduardo C. Corral, author of Slow Lightning

This Miraculous Turning
poems by Joseph Mills

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"Disturbingly brilliant, breaking boundaries with shocking immediacy, This Miraculous Turning lays bare a trail of poems that navigate extreme terrain.  Joseph Mills offers lyrical beauty inside a turbulent storm of history, memory, and hope that dances the bones of the nameless child free and gives flesh to the spirits in an explicit celebration of love and grace."
—Jaki Shelton Green, author of Breath of a Song: New and Selected Poems

Frozen Latitudes
poems by Therése Halscheid

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"In Frozen Latitudes, Therése Halscheid welcomes the lucky reader into a world of deep love, familial illness, and the dual human urges to speak and be heard. The settings of these exquisite poems range from a childhood home colored by a father’s dementia to the northern interior of Alaska with its stories from The Real People in which each word is “a language of light.” These are moving, masterful poems in a brilliantly cohesive collection."—Donna Baier Stein, editor of Tiferet

poems by Shelby Stephenson

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"I am very moved by Fiddledeedee, by the accumulating strength of its forward movement as well as by telling details, of the natural and spiritual world." 
—A.R. Ammons, winner of the 1973 and 1993 National Book Award for Poetry