In a Homeland Not Far: New & Selected Poems
by Yahya Frederickson

ISBN 978-1-941209-54-7
9 x 6 paperback, 132 pages

​In a Homeland Not Far is a marvelous travelogue through places where one would hardly venture now . . .Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, Ethiopia . . . but places and people seen here in warm detail of the everyday before the misrule of violence. Frederickson's narrative moves with delightful lyric grace, as if William Carlos Williams had somehow been transported to Arab deserts and towns.

— John Balaban, author of Path, Crooked Path

Under Brushstrokes
by Hedy Habra

Silver Concho Poetry Series

ISBN: 978-1-941209-23-3
9 x 6 paperback, 106 pages

Hedy Habra’s Under Brushstrokes is a rich tapestry of images, sounds and meanings. Like any tapestry the complexity of weaving, the craft and artistry are often under or subliminal to the larger images, and in this way the book lives up to its title in that there is so much foundation that goes into the building of an image and giving the image not only meanings but breath and life itself. Enjoy Under Brushstrokes, it is meant to be read and read again.

—J.P. Dancing Bear, Editor, The American Poetry Journal 

Light Is the Odalisque
by LaWanda Walters

ISBN 978-1-941209-39-4
9 x 6 paperback, 122 pages

​Publication date: April 15, 2016
Pre-ordered copies ship mid-March

The poems I read for years in magazines come full into their glory when set in their rightful context. This is mature, eye-opening work, meticulous and exhilarating, that only a writer at the height of her powers can give us. 

—James Cummins, author of Still Some Cake
In the Company of Spirits
by Carmen Calatayud

ISBN 978-1-935708-69-8
8.5 x 5.5 paperback, 88 pages

“The poems in In the Company of Spirits journey to the borderlands– between nations, languages, people, the living and dead – sending back essential dispatches on what is found there: war and violence but also richness and beauty, redemption and hope. Carmen Calatayud is our expert guide, leading us to that ultimate geographic border where we wrestle the angels of our lesser selves – our fears, our urges toward destruction – until we are reborn. Gorgeous, hurting, heartbreaking: these are the poems I’ll take on my own journey toward truth.”

—Sarah Browning, author of Whiskey in the Garden of Eden
Press 53 . PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130-0314
Press Fifty-Three

560 N. Trade St, Ste 103
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Silver Concho Poetry Series
Believing that small presses publish some of the most vital poetry in America today, we support Press 53 in its ongoing pursuit of furthering the cause of American literature. Our aim is to select each year the two highest quality poetry manuscripts written either in new voices or in voices inexplicably forgotten or ignored. Open to all forms and styles, we do favor compelling poetry with a distinct edge.

William Pitt Root and Pamela Uschuk, Silver Concho Poetry Series Editors

Stealing the Dog's Prozac
by Charlotte Lowe

8.5 x 5.5 inches, 92 pages
ISBN 978-1-935708-51-3
“Whether she’s regaling us with tales of mothers and daughters, tender, lost husbands, neurotic dogs, dust-dreaming babies or the chattering teeth of javelinas, ‘the bad blonde, lucky blonde’ of these poems is passionate, sexy, witty and always smart. Charlotte Lowe has made of her poetry an exuberant landscape we traverse with deep pleasure.” 

— Karen Brennan, author of The Real Enough World
by Alfred Corn

ISBN 978-1-935708-74-2
9 x 6 paperback, 98 pages

“Alfred Corn is one of our finest living poets. He works in the visionary tradition of Whitman and Crane, and makes bold new use of classical and European influences."

—Grace SchulmanThe Nation
Tea in Heliopolis
by Hedy Habra

ISBN 978-1-935708-76-6
9 x 6 paperback, 100 pages       

“Hedy Habra's hospitable poems, lush with intricate landscapes of relating and remembering, are so rich they make me homesick. Here are worlds, both ancient and modern, spun and sung in shining wonder.” 

—Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Transfer
Dreaming of the Rain in Brooklyn
by Howard Faerstein

ISBN 978-1-935708-77-3
9 x 6 paperback, 108 pages      

"Dreaming of the Rain in Brooklyn marks the debut of a poet of deep feeling, one who filters the 'pear light of hope' through daily existence and who recognizes each 'odd hour… pressed by love.' In poems resplendent with 'creation’s frenzy,' with jazz, lovers, and 'Noah’s lucky ones,' those creatures great and small, Howard Faerstein acknowledges a world, past and present, that remains 'wonderful even with death.'” 

—Michael Waters, author of Gospel Night

Guernica, revisited
by Richard Vargas

ISBN 978-1-941209-03-5
9 x 6 paperback, 110 pages      

“Richard Vargas is one of the best Chicano poets writing today, a voice for all as he explores the predicaments of the modern world with tenderness and fury. His is a voice we can rely on as we make our way forward to that place of mystery where, despite everything, survival seems possible as we join in the poet's song.”
—Demetria Martinez, author of Breathing Between The Lines

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Balancing Acts: New & Selected Poems 1993 – 2015
by Yahia Lababidi

ISBN 978-1-941209-37-0
8 x 5.25 paperback, 204 pages

I find myself pausing everywhere among these wisdoms, wondering why the world stumbles and staggers through such a dark and greedy time when there are people alive with such keen, caring insight. . . If Yahia Samir Lababidi were in charge of a country, I would want to live there. 

—Naomi Shihab Nye, author of There Is No Long Distance Now 
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