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Surreal South
Surreal South '07
edited by Laura & Pinckney Benedict 
Cover art by Adela Leibowitz 
9 x 6 paperback
Welcome to the Surreal South, the dream of the nation within the nation, the world within the world, shadowed by all the unmitigated horrors and illuminated by all the dubious glories of its distant and ill-remembered past, a puzzle, a slightly gruesome enticement, a boundless ambiguity, an enduring paradox, and an endless source of myth.
Surreal South '09
edited by Laura & Pinckney Benedict
Cover art by Minna Svensson
9 x 6 paperback
Meet Our Cover Artists
2009: Minna Svensson is a photographer and mixed media artist who enjoys working with digital art and collages. With her witty, playful imagery, Minna creates whole universes of mystical fables, often of the eerie, little, bizarre kind. She finds paradoxes utterly fascinating and likes to play with these in her work, which gives her a unique style that floats around somewhere in the borderland between fairytales and horror stories. At the moment Minna is studying art and film in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the future she wants to explore all the wonders of this world, expand her artistry, and live in the South in an old ghost house with a front porch. To see more of Minna's work visit: or contact her at:
2007: Adela Leibowitz's works are a masterly combination of light-quality and imagery and she arrives at both through inspiration: "A flash will go off of a still image, usually very quickly in my head. I see a very strong image, and it can happen anywhere. It usually does not work for me to begin a painting if that did not happen." The archetypal images and symbols which form the subject matter of these paintings must surely originate within the personal unconscious of the artist and in her perceptions into the collective unconscious of humanity. Her work represents a very significant and welcome addition to contemporary painting. Visit her online at
Published every odd year on Halloween
Surreal South '11 features stories from the following authors
A.K. Thompson
Alexander Lumans
Anne Valente
Anthony Neil Smith
Brad Green
Gregory Wolos
J.T. Ellison
James O’Brien
Jedidiah Ayres
Jim Walke

John Horner Jacobs
John McManus
Josh McCall
Julia Patt
Josh Woods
Laura Benedict
Marilyn Moriarty
Mark Fleming
Michael Kardos
Nik Korpon

Pinckney Benedict
Reuben Hayslett
Robert Busby
Robert Hill Long
Ron Lands
Rose Bunch
Sheryl Monks
Sophie Littlefield
Susan Woodring
Victor Schultz

Surreal South '11
edited by Laura & Pinckney Benedict
cover art by Stephanie Bracciano
9 x 6 paperback, 336 pages
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2011: Stephanie Bracciano was born and raised in rural Michigan and has always had an appreciation for nature and wide-open spaces. She began her photography career in 2003 at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There she was fortunate to have great professors who helped her transform and grow as an artist. In 2007, she earned her A.S.S. in Photographic Technology. Also 
Joyce Carol Oates
Robert Olen Butler
Ron Rash
Tom Franklin
Ann Pancake
Chris Offutt
Beth Ann Fennelly
Katie Estill
Jacinda Townsend
Greg Johnson
George Singleton
Lee K. Abbott
Julianna Baggott
Brad Vice
Benjamin Percy
Kyle Minor
William Gay
Dean Paschal
Daniel Woodrell
Pinckney Benedict
Laura Benedict
Rodney Jones
Jon Tribble
Andrew Hudgins
Joy Beshears Hagy
Susan Woodring
Kathy Conner. 
Alexander Lumans
Becky Hagenston
Dan Mueller
Heather Fowler
J.T. Ellison
Jedidiah Ayres
Jessica Glass
John McManus
Josh McCall
Josh Woods
Kurt Rheinheimer
Kyle Minor
Lee K. Abbott
Melanie DeCarolis
Michael Garriga
Michael Kardos
Okla Elliott & Raul Clement
Oscar Hokeah
Sheryl Monks
Steve Patten
Tantra Bensko
2013: Terri Yeske has been creating art in many mediums since she was a child. Terri graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and lives and works in Alberta, Canada. You can see more of her work at
Surreal South '13
edited by Josh Woods
Cover art by Terri Yeske
​9 x 6 paperback, 250 pages
Michael Baughan
Helena Bell
Lynne Buchanan
Kevin Catalano
Katherine Chariott
Joshua Eure
Kendall Giles
Joey Goebel
Becky Hagenston
Blake Kimzey

Surreal South '13 features stories from the following authors
Tawny Leech
Nathan Alling Long
Alexander Lumans
Alice Otto
Adam Padgett
David James Poissant
Ron Rash
Fred Venturini
Jeff Weddle
Josh Woods
that year, she won an emerging artist contest at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair for her complex photomontages. In 2008, she was awarded a Presidential Scholarship to attend the Savannah College of Arts and Design in Savannah, Georgia. In 2010, she graduated with high honors and received her B.F.A. in Photography.