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New Short Fiction!
In the Season of Blood and Gold stories by Taylor Brown

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​“Almost all Taylor Brown’s stories are family dramas, stories of blood and kinship, betrayal, and conflicted loyalties. Set sometimes in the past, other times in the present or future, and told with verve in a fresh and memorable voice, these stories reward the reader with surprise, authenticity, and the mystery of human connection.” 
—Robert Morgan, author of The Road from Gap Creek
A Lake of Light and Clouds poems by Terri Kirby Erickson

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"T.S. Eliot would call what she does mastering the objective correlative. I call it incarnating light. As Erickson shares images and experiences in her richly textured poems, she invites her readers into her own psyche, a place where we are all likely to feel accepted and warm." 
—Felicia Mitchell, author of The Cleft of the Rock

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Press 53 Classics: Classic North Carolina Literature Brought Back to Life!
Time of Drums by John Ehle

This classic Civil War novel is the third book in John Ehle's seven-book Appalachian series, first published in 1970 by Harper & Row. Visit John Ehle's book page.

“There have been many books about the Civil War; none of them, with the exception of The Red Badge of Courage, have come close to the dusty, bloody, grinding truth that John Ehle writes about.Time of Drums is not only the story of men launched into a war with uncertain loyalties, but more important, it continues the Wright saga that John Ehle began with The Land Breakers and promises to expand into one of the great fictional sagas of American history.” —Borden Deal
The Seven Stages of Anger and Other Stories
by Wendy J. Fox

Winner of the 2014 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction

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“What happens when a still life speaks? Wendy J. Fox invites us to eavesdrop. These beautiful, lyrical stories describe ordinary lives: speckled eggshells, creeping vines. Here’s the threat of fire out east and endless rain when the map meets Seattle. Here are characters so real you know them already. They’ve misplaced your keys and borrowed your car.”  
— Carol Guess, author of Darling Endangered and Doll Studies: Forensics

New Poetry!
Waltzing with Horses by Felicia Mitchell

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"Reading Felicia Mitchell's stunning collection, Waltzing with Horses, is like spending a few life-changing hours with one of those wise women we read about in fairy tales. She knows the names of each plant and flower, and teaches us that every living thing, from the tiniest sparrow to a herd of wild horses, is sacred. And holiest of all, she whispers, is not only our connection to the earth, but to our deepest selves, and to every person we have ever loved." —Terri Kirby Erickson, author of A Lake of Light and Clouds and In the Palms of Angels
Paper, Cotton, Leather by Jenny Sadre-Orafai
A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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​“Eloquent, wistful, and inventive, Jenny Sadre-Orafai's first book proves ‘everywhere is an atlas.’ She enlarges moments of wonderment and sadness into poems that map radiant intimacies and flickering bonds. Her vivid and exact phrasing streamlines lines, amplifies sonic pleasures. Syllables tick forward beautifully: ‘Gutting this love, I listen for the grind/ still.’ Paper, Cotton, Leather is an exhilarating and moving debut.” —Eduardo C. Corral, author of Slow Lightning
This Miraculous Turning by Joseph Mills

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"Joseph Mills gives us poems that could change the world. Deeply affecting, these poems show us how to live with one another. 'I'm searching,' he says, 'for the right forms for these poems, ones as simple and solid as wooden bowls.' Everything here is true: measured, faultless. You do not want to miss this book. This Miraculous Turning is a bona fide miracle." —Kelly Cherry, former Poet Laureate of Virginia and author of The Life and Death of Poetry: Poems

Frozen Latitudes by Therése Halscheid

A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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"The settings of these exquisite poems range from a childhood home colored by a father’s dementia to the northern interior of Alaska with its stories from The Real People in which each word is 'a language of light.' These are moving, masterful poems in a brilliantly cohesive collection." — Donna Baier Stein, editor of Tiferet

New Anthology Travels the World
Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet
edited by Clifford Garstang

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“Travel invigorates and enlightens, and so does reading. You don’t have to go to the Congo to gain an understanding of the challenges women face there. You don’t have to go to Iran to sample Persian culture and anguish. When it’s done right—as the stories in this anthology are—fiction can transport you and show you the essential details, the soul of a place.  Read the book. Explore the globe. But remember, it’s a dangerous world.” 
—from the Introduction, by Clifford Garstang, editor
ANNOUNCEMENT: Tom Lombardo names winner of the 2015 Press 53 Award for Poetry! Details here...
Fiddledeedee by Shelby Stephenson

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Shelby Stephenson can walk out his back door—even in his sleep, it seems, so tithed to the land is his subconscious—and see what lies hidden before our very eyes: in the roods and plowsoles, the tree bark and creek beds, in his beloved spectre ancestors forever singing in his head. He writes about the mystery of the dirt—what it yields, what it reclaims—with more precision and prescience than any poet I can think of. I can hear him now, whispering his sacramental litany, his invocation: “it is nothing but a song—the long journey home.” Fiddledeedee is Shelby at his best. Blessed be his wholly liturgical verse—the bard, the very voice, of North Carolina. —Joseph Bathanti, former Poet Laureate of North Carolina
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