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The Collected Poems of Cathy Smith Bowers
Four complete collections in one impressive volume!
A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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Includes: The Love That Ended Yesterday in TexasA Book of MinutesTraveling in Time of Danger, and The Candle I Hold Up to See You, with a special introduction by former North Carolina Poet Laureate Fred Chappell.
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What Happened Here, a novella & stories by Bonnie ZoBell

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“Bonnie ZoBell’s luminously intersecting stories of artists, musicians, teachers and assorted shimmering misfits in a North Park neighborhood that happens to be the site of a historic plane wreck, beautifully chronicles the struggles of the living to survive—emotionally and physically—in the shadow of wreckage and ghosts. Her characters’ connections, madnesses, kindnesses and demons are startlingly poignant and resonant.”
 —Gina Frangello, author of A Life in Men: A Novel
Guernica, revisited, poems by Richard Vargas
Silver Concho Poetry Series

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“Richard Vargas is one of the best Chicano poets writing today, a voice for all as he explores the predicaments of the modern world with tenderness and fury. His is a voice we can rely on as we make our way forward to that place of mystery where, despite everything, survival seems possible as we join in the poet's song.” 
— Demetria Martinez, author of Breathing Between The Lines and 2013 American Book Award winner The Block Captain’s Daughter
In a Country None of Us Called Home, poems by Peg Bresnahan

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“What a true gift we have in Peg Bresnahan’s dazzling new collection, In a Country None of Us Called Home. The narrative voice in these poems has a focus that is honest, steady, and absolutely clear.... This poet’s gift is to offer the ordinary a moment of uniqueness that each life deserves. This collection indeed is a gallery of the extraordinary and small planted in time..." 
— Katherine Soniat, author of The Swing Girl
In the Season of Blood and Gold, stories by Taylor Brown

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​“Almost all Taylor Brown’s stories are family dramas, stories of blood and kinship, betrayal, and conflicted loyalties. Set sometimes in the past, other times in the present or future, and told with verve in a fresh and memorable voice, these stories reward the reader with surprise, authenticity, and the mystery of human connection.” 
—Robert Morgan, author of The Road from Gap Creek
Press 53 Award for Poetry
For an outstanding, unpublished collection of poems.

Submissions open April 1 and close July 31
Winner receives publication, $1000 advance, travel expenses to Winston-Salem, NC for a launch party weekend that includes attendance as our special guest to the Press 53/Jacar Press Gathering of Poets.
​Reading fee: $30

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A Lake of Light and Clouds, poems by Terri Kirby Erickson

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"T.S. Eliot would call what she does mastering the objective correlative. I call it incarnating light. As Erickson shares images and experiences in her richly textured poems, she invites her readers into her own psyche, a place where we are all likely to feel accepted and warm." 
—Felicia Mitchell, author of The Cleft of the Rock

Sigodlin, poems by Robert Morgan

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"Morgan remains one of our keenest poets of lucidity and attention and makes sacred the peripheral, the often unsung. He stares deeply into that which we rarely consider, as all good poets do." 
Oxford American
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Press 53 Classics: Bringing Classic North Carolina Literature Back to Life!
Time of Drums, by John Ehle

This classic Civil War novel is the third book in John Ehle's seven-book Appalachian series, first published in 1970 by Harper & Row. Visit John Ehle's book page.

“There have been many books about the Civil War; none of them, with the exception of The Red Badge of Courage, have come close to the dusty, bloody, grinding truth that John Ehle writes about.Time of Drums is not only the story of men launched into a war with uncertain loyalties, but more important, it continues the Wright saga that John Ehle began with The Land Breakers and promises to expand into one of the great fictional sagas of American history.” —Borden Deal
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The Seven Stages of Anger and Other Stories, by Wendy J. Fox

Winner of the 2014 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction
New Poetry!
Waltzing with Horses, by Felicia Mitchell

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"Reading Felicia Mitchell's stunning collection, Waltzing with Horses, is like spending a few life-changing hours with one of those wise women we read about in fairy tales. She knows the names of each plant and flower, and teaches us that every living thing, from the tiniest sparrow to a herd of wild horses, is sacred. And holiest of all, she whispers, is not only our connection to the earth, but to our deepest selves, and to every person we have ever loved." —Terri Kirby Erickson, author of A Lake of Light and Clouds and In the Palms of Angels
Paper, Cotton, Leather, by Jenny Sadre-Orafai
A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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​“Eloquent, wistful, and inventive, Jenny Sadre-Orafai's first book proves ‘everywhere is an atlas.’ She enlarges moments of wonderment and sadness into poems that map radiant intimacies and flickering bonds. Her vivid and exact phrasing streamlines lines, amplifies sonic pleasures. Syllables tick forward beautifully: ‘Gutting this love, I listen for the grind/ still.’ Paper, Cotton, Leather is an exhilarating and moving debut.” —Eduardo C. Corral, author of Slow Lightning