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At Press 53, we don't set out to be diverse or balanced; we set out to find great writing. The fact that almost 60% of our books are written by women shouldn't be a big deal. 
We publish writing that is powerful, thought-provoking, hard-hitting, smart, and brave. If you are looking for something with those qualities, check out some these titles.
And come back every month for a new spotlight on eight of our kick-ass women writers.
Piranhas & Quicksand & Love
by GSally Shivnan

ISBN 978-1-941209-42-4
8.5 x 5.5. paperback, 204 pages
The Widow's Guide to Edible Mushrooms
by Chauna Craig

8.5 x 5.5-inch paperback, 190 pages
ISBN 978-1-941209-49-3

With the heart of a giant, and an eye sharp enough to cut, Chauna Craig takes her hometown of Great Falls, Montana, and makes it every town whose glory may lurk mostly in memory. And within these towns, within the hearts of the people hanging on, hidden as if by a magician, lie the complexities of all lives, awaiting, like our own hearts, discovery. The great gift of The Widow’s Guide to Edible Mushrooms is to allow you to be their discoverer. Chauna Craig is the real deal.
—Pete Fromm, author of If Not for This
They Could Live with Themselves
by Jodi Paloni

8.5 x 5.5 paperback, 204 pages
ISBN 978-1-941209-00-4

What My Hand Say
by Glenis Redmond

ISBN 978-1-941209-45-5
9 X 6 paperback, 102 pages
In What My Hand Say, Glenis Redmond digs deep, risking peace of mind, the comfort of ignorance and the assurance of being numb to history and memory, to make poems that are urgent, full of alarm, and marked by the realization that the best art is one that dares to look boldly at hard experience and still find a music in it. This a welcome collection by a poet engaged in the necessary work of writing with a full sense of place and history. South Carolina is fecund with stories and musics, and Redmond manages to tap into this complex resource with skill and heart. 
— Kwame Dawes, author of City of Bones: A Testament​
When She Was Bad
by Gabrielle Brant Freeman

​9 x 6 paperback, 7 pages6
ISBN 978-1-935708-47-9
Blue Star
by Barbara Presnell

​9 x 6 paperback, 84 pages
ISBN: 978-1-941209-44-8
Lust. Love. Betrayal and loyalty. Temptation and hilarity. Gabrielle Freeman dissects her speakers’ hearts, tenderly, with supreme attention to what it is to be human, female, and fierce. Gabrielle Freeman’s poems are bad—by which I mean badass bold. Michael Jackson bad. Freeman’s bad and you know it. That’s why you read her. When She Was Bad is a smart, compassionate, tightly crafted and explosive debut. 
— Denise Duhamel, author of Blowout

The powerful and poignant poems of Blue Star weave together the voices and life stories of men and women across generations of a North Carolina family as they face the realities and aftermaths of war on both the battlefront and the home front. This is first and foremost a testament to the ties that bind mothers and sons, fathers and daughters across time and space. No reader will finish this book and be untouched, nor unchanged through its reading.
— John P. Beck, co-director of Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives, Michigan State University

The fourteen stories in Piranhas & Quicksand & Love are clear and profound . . . . Read this book to savor its beautiful language, to drink in its gentle defiance. Piranhas & Quicksand & Love calls readers to ride the waves of a sea besieged by predatory behavior and natural disaster. To sail on, nevertheless, toward love.
— The Washington Independent Review of Books

They Could Live with Themselves dazzles twice: first, as a collection of subtle and engaging short stories that stand on their own, and second, as a sustained narrative. The intriguing characters of the fictional town of Stark Run appear and reappear until, by book’s end, the reader sees the broader picture of Jodi Paloni’s expert weaving. Throughout, her prose pops with humor and insight as it tracks the eternal tug between giving to others and giving to oneself. This is a stunning debut.
— Philip Graham, author of Interior Design

Lion Brothers by Leona Sevick

Winner of the 2017 Press 53 Award for Poetry

A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

9 x 6 paperback, 78 pages
ISBN 978-1-941209-52-3

​Leona Sevick’s Lion Brothers is a psychologically astute, keen, and powerful sequence of poems that harness the luminous particulars of experience and race to reveal worlds within and behind the immediate, visible one. This is a marvelous debut.
– Arthur Sze, author of Compass Rose
Bones of an Inland Sea (Book Club Edition)
by Mary Akers

6 x 9 paperback, 210 pages
ISBN 978-1-941209-48-6

“In Mary Akers’ stories, as complexly intertwined as the branches of a coral reef, her passionate characters engage both each other and a richly detailed, vital physical world. An impressive achievement.” 

—Andrea Barrett, National Book Award-winning author of Ship Fever