Speak up by Carol Roan (Instruction)


Speak up by Carol Roan (Instruction)


8 X 5.25 paperback 

126 pages

ISBN 978-1-935708-04-9

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  — Indianapolis Star



  — Evening Bulletin


“wonderful . . . very funny”

  — Winston-Salem Journal


“thrilling style . . .a beautiful timbre . . . dramatic passion”

  — Atlantic City Press

"Carol taught me to truly and deeply connect to my audiences when I give readings."

  — Mark Hardy, author of Nothing Pink


"I repeat Carol’s words of wisdom often and refer her name to anyone and everyone seeking to become a more sincere and passionate performer." 

  — Kirsti Gholson, singer/songwriter


"There may be no one who combines practical advice with a solid philosophy the way Carol does." 

  — Garry Hyatt, Esq.


"If it weren’t for Carol and her ability to show me the things I needed to see, I would still be standing awkwardly in front of the room with my eyes shut tight." 

  — Megan Asplundh, vocalist, Spirits & Song