The Winter People by John Ehle (Novel)

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The Winter People by John Ehle.jpg

The Winter People by John Ehle (Novel)


Carolina Classics Editions

Book five of the seven "mountain books"

ISBN 978-1-941209-69-1

9 x 6 paperback, 272 pages

Originally published 1981 by Harper & Row, New York, NY

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Praise for The Winter People

“A lovely novel . . . about families, about the fragile yet durable ties that we establish among ourselves . . . Ehle’s people, all of them, are splendid. Collie, her emotions seesawing as she tries with mounting frustration to keep her life on an even keel, is a person of striking good humor and endearing independence of mind. Wayland, gentle and decent and wry, has a strength that is as quiet as the novel’s. Each of Collie’s three brothers emerges, quickly yet subtly, as a clearly definable individual and, at the same time, a member of a family that is itself a clearly definable entity . . . his descriptive prose is quite marvelous . . . a very substantial piece of work, thoroughly satisfying in every important respect.” —Washington Post


“A spare, funny, harrowing, moving novel drawn with sure, swift strokes.” —Newsweek


“A fine book, rich and haunting and a source of great, deep pleasure.” —Kirkus Reviews