Two of the Missing by Perry Deane Young (Memoir)

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Two of the Missing by Perry Deane Young (Memoir)


Carolina Classics Editions

ISBN 978-0-9816280-9-7

9 x 6 paperback, 296 pages with photographs

and a new afterword

Originally published 1975 by Coward, McCann & Geohegan, Inc., New York, NY

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On April 6, 1970, Vietnam War photojournalists Sean Flynn (son of Errol Flynn) and Dana Stone set off on two rented motorcycles to cover one last story and were captured by Communist forces, never to be seen or heard from again. Their friend and fellow journalist, Perry Deane Young, tells their story here in a remarkable memoir first published in 1975. This Press 53 Classics edition features photos by Flynn, Stone, their friends Tim Page, Nik Wheeler, and others, including a new chapter with updates on the lives of those involved and the ongoing search for two of the missing.

"Magnificent…Unforgettable…One of the best books yet prompted by the Vietnam War.”  

The Washington Post

“What great news that Two of the Missing is back in print.”

—Joseph L. Galloway, co-author of We Were Soldiers Once…. and Young and We Are Soldiers Still

Two of the Missing is a tender book about war, about friendship and love, with more plain virility to it than all the gory epics put together—because it is unmistakably real. No earlier American war could have produced such a book, and no other book on the Vietnam disaster brought it as close….”


Two of the Missing is one of the great books about photographers in war.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Hume Kennerly

 “A devastating, personal statement about the condition of our own hearts and minds and everything we lost in the war.”

—The Kirkus Reviews


More Praise for Two of the Missing

“The impact of this book was such that I wanted to open a bottle of champagne to toast a work of art because Two of the Missing is more than the story of a group of young journalists having the thrill of their young lives. Young’s writing weaves a tapestry of reality that should be viewed by all who were there. It is a brilliant, sad, and sometimes funny portrayal of this country’s most tumultuous era.”

—Army Times

“With astonishing art, Perry Deane Young has woven war reporting, a memoir of half a dozen friends, and a cheerfully frank self-portrait into the form of a novel which is all fact. Within the scene of Vietnam, he has made his untypical, weird, heroic characters seem to enact the drama of their entire generation. This is an extraordinary book, I cannot recommend it too highly.”

—Christopher Isherwood, author of Berlin Stories, on which the musical Cabaret was based.

Two of the Missing is such a beautiful, poetic, and important book that I wish everybody who loves good books would read it. It is not just about two men who were lost in a disastrous war. It is about all those who took part in that war, including those who, like Perry Deane Young, came back. More than that, it is about that whole generation who grew up in the sixties. And about those of us whose war was decades ago. Hell, it is about everybody anywhere ever, which, of course, all true literature is.”

—Merle Miller, author of Plain Speaking

“In the 1960s, Vietnam drew a group of young people, photographers and journalists who are only now starting to write books about it. Young is one of these, and his memoir may well be a hard act to follow…His portraits of himself and his friends hold the key to a generation.”

—Publisher’s Weekly