Your Path to Publication by Kim Wright (Instruction)


Your Path to Publication by Kim Wright (Instruction)


9 x 6 paperback

192 pages

ISBN 978-1-935708-42-1

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Your Path to Publication will help you on the long and sometimes bewildering journey from writer to published author. Kim Wright shares insights from her own successful publishing journey, from getting your manuscript in the best possible shape while building social networks, to finding the right agent and negotiating the complex process of selling your book, to working with your editor and publisher. Since today’s writers are expected to participate in marketing their work, she also outlines the many ways writers can reach readers and help their books find the broadest possible audience. Self-publishing is discussed, along with the advantages and pitfalls of working with a small press or a larger publishing house. But what really sets Your Path to Publication apart from most writing guides is that Wright explores the emotional part of the journey, and how self-doubt, disappointment, and envy can strike at any point in the process, while also offering sympathetic but sound counsel on how writers can persevere in the face of these inevitable challenges.



"[Kim's] words of encouragement really soothed my self-doubty little writer's brain. I highlighted almost every other sentence on my Kindle, but passages such as, 'False barriers abound, and people who believe in them can drag you down,' and '[Writing is] one of the last noble quests people can go on...' really hit home for me....Seriously, writer-friends, buy this book. You don't know you need it, but you do. And it's a steal for Kindle at $3.99." 

  — Leigh T. Moore, That's Write


“Unlike many books, which give you information in a dry, detached mode, this book takes a more conversational "in the trenches" attitude, complete with anecdotes and examples. It's like sitting down with a good friend (who happens to know what she's talking about) and having a chat over coffee.”  

  — Paul Barrett


“I cannot recommend this book highly enough. You'll underline entire paragraphs. You'll re-read chapters.” 

  — Judy Goldman


“Frank, unbiased and informative in her approach, Wright's book helps writers navigate through the murky waters of publication, from query letter advice to publication options.” 

  — Joy Holloway


"What Color Is Your Parachute? was considered the bible for surviving the business world. This book can be the equivalent for writers.” 

  — Edward McKeown


“I wish I’d had this book when I was still in my MFA program. It would have saved me a lot of headache and unnecessary stress.” 

  — L J Stroupe


“Here's a book that, based on numerous interviews, shows in detail how writers feel about the process once that final draft leaves their hands.” 

  — L B Gschwandtner