Immersion Poetry Series

Christopher Forrest, Press 53 Poetry Editor and managing editor of the Immersion Poetry Series.

Christopher Forrest, Press 53 Poetry Editor and managing editor of the Immersion Poetry Series.

I’m thrilled to announce the Press 53 Immersion Poetry Series for authors writing immersive content on unique aspects of their lives or specific areas of expertise. These book-length collections will focus on the generally unfamiliar, serving as both informative and engaging.

Collections will be cohesive without being repetitive, enlightening and educational but not hermetically sealed. Most of all, they will be relatable. They will encompass individual circumstance as well as an immensity that readers can connect with regardless of their own conditions. The specificity of the content must also at times be universal, accessible. Think of documentaries that, for better or worse, the consumer can’t help but project themselves into; better yet, ones that reframe their own immediate perspective.

A wonderful example is Sean Sexton’s May Darkness Restore, which never strays far from life on a cattle-calf farm. The majority of his readers will not be cattle farmers, and the book will be a glimpse into a different reality. Readers will be immersed in the circumstances of that life, but bring with them their own perspectives, and in doing so, appreciate the calves as calves, but also as children; the bulls and cows and fences and coyotes and vultures as metaphors for their own dynamics, their own losses, vulnerabilities, and trying decisions.

The Immersion Series will be a home for passions, obsessions, exhaustive exploration of the lesser known. I want to publish windows to examine new worlds. I want to learn something. I want to feel connected to something I didn’t know I could be. Where lives your expertise? What is your lens for the compelling? What can readers glean from a collection based on the construction of a piano, the miles of a marathon, growing heirloom tomatoes, life as a first responder, the workings of the circulatory system, an acute aspect of recovery, or whatever else may be the subject of your authority?

Submissions are open and free through Submittable until March 31, 2019.