Immersion Poetry Series

Christopher Forrest, Press 53 Poetry Editor and managing editor of the Immersion Poetry Series.

Christopher Forrest, Press 53 Poetry Editor and managing editor of the Immersion Poetry Series.

The Press 53 Immersion Poetry Series is for authors who are writing immersive content on unique aspects of their lives or specific areas of expertise. These book-length collections focus on the generally unfamiliar, serving as both informative and engaging.

Managing Editor, Christopher Forrest, is happy to reopen submissions for the Immersion Poetry Series. Submissions will be open, and free, for the months of September and October. Please visit our Submittable page on and after September 1 for guidelines.

Our first round of submissions, earlier this year, yielded two selections that we will publish in January and March of 2020.

Revelation by Andrew Rihn.jpg

The debut collection will be Revelation: An Apocalypse in Fifty-Eight Fights by Andrew Rihn. Rihn uses 100-word prose poems to immerse us into the fifty-eight professional fights of Mike Tyson. The voice of an Old Testament prophet shines through the fight commentary, and relates Tyson to a modern-day Elijah—climbing the mountain to do battle, and climbing back down to a world of depression, anxiety, and alienating silence. Rihn’s poems are masterfully crafted, and his language is stunning in its elegance.

Drowning in the Floating World by Meg Eden.jpg

Our second collection, Drowning in the Floating World by Meg Eden, immerses us into the Japanese natural disaster known as 3/11: the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, and subsequent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Relentless as the disaster itself, Eden seizes control of our deepest emotional centers, and, through insightful perspective, holds us in consideration of loss, helplessness, upheaval, and, perhaps most stirring, what to make of, and do with, survival. Her collection is also a cultural education sure to encourage further reading and research. Drowning in the Floating World is, itself, a tsunami stone—a warning beacon to remind us to learn from disaster and, in doing so, honor all that’s lost.

For complete details on the Immersion Poetry Series, visit our Submittable page on or after September 1. Christopher is looking forward to reading the submissions, as they will continue to guide the series in new and exciting directions.