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David Salner

Selected by Guest Editor Gabrielle Brant Freeman

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At any given moment,

our minds fill with visitors

seen through a film of blurred

years, flimsy and restless shapes

arriving when we should have been

doing who knows what—and does it

matter to anyone but you how she

stepped from a steamy shower,

ratted her hair with a towel,

and disappeared?

~ ~ ~


David Salner has worked as iron ore miner, steelworker, machinist, bus driver, cab driver, longshoreman, teacher, baseball usher, and librarian. He was a telephone solicitor for 24 hours. His writing appears in recent issues of Threepenny Review, Salmagundi, River Styx, Beloit Poetry Journal, North American Review, Nashville Review, as well as Prime Number and many other magazines. His third book is Blue Morning Light (2016, Pond Road Press), which features poems on the paintings of American artist George Bellows.  He lives in Frederick, Maryland, with his wife Barbara Greenway. www.DSalner.wix.com/salner



This little poem is about how images are stored in memory and are both fleeting and enduring. It’s entirely transparent.


What is your favorite dietary pleasure?

Gin, not only because it was one of the chief sins of the 19th century English working class.

You’ve just discovered a new planet. What are you going to name it?

Maybe to name one after an unjustly incarcerated man, Leonard Peltier; and the other planet could be named for a victim of police killing, Freddie Gray. Unfortunately, we’d never run out of namesif we saluted a victim of police killing each time a new planet was discovered.

Which is your favorite season: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

For the most part summer because it’s warm and I can go swimming and fishing; however if I lived in Arizona or Florida I’m sure it would be winter.