Prime Number Magazine, Issue 113, Oct–Dec 2017

Winner: August 2017 Prime Number Magazine 53-Word Story Contest

Our Prompt for August 2017

To dance is to move one’s body rhythmically, usually to music, but sometimes a dance can be seen during a bird’s mating ritual, or when trying to get out of a difficult situation, or when a gentle breeze moves across a field of wheat. You may claim you never dance, but you have.

Write a 53-word story about a dance

Our guest judge for August was Howard Faerstein, author of the poetry collection Dreaming of the Rain in Brooklyn.

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WINNER: August 2017

Hannah Ambrose (1).jpg

"Dance on My Grave" by Hannah Ambrose

The silence was cut by the squeaks of a few old office chairs and the uncomfortable shifting of uncomfortable clothes. Aunt Millie, shocked straight out of tears, took it upon herself to ask: “WHAT?”

“The will reads, ' 'Cause I’ll be dancin’ up there in heaven, and hell if I’m gonna do it alone.’”



Author's 53-word Bio

Hannah spends most of her day studying astronomy and French as a Junior at the University of Arizona. She was last published at age ten, when her Charlotte’s Web-themed crossword puzzle appeared in Creative Kids’ Magazine. A proponent of concision in writing, she was excited to discover Prime Number Magazine’s 53-Word Story Contest.