53-Word Story Contest

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Hannah Ambrose

Winner: August 2017 Prime Number Magazine 53-Word Story Contest

Judged by Howard Faerstein, author of Dreaming of the Rain in Brooklyn

Our Prompt for August 2017

To dance is to move one’s body rhythmically, usually to music, but sometimes a dance can be seen during a bird’s mating ritual, or when trying to get out of a difficult situation, or when a gentle breeze moves across a field of wheat. You may claim you never dance, but you have.

Write a 53-word story about a dance

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"Dance on My Grave" by Hannah Ambrose

The silence was cut by the squeaks of a few old office chairs and the uncomfortable shifting of uncomfortable clothes. Aunt Millie, shocked straight out of tears, took it upon herself to ask: “WHAT?”

“The will reads, ' 'Cause I’ll be dancin’ up there in heaven, and hell if I’m gonna do it alone.’”


Author's 53-word Bio

Hannah spends most of her day studying astronomy and French as a Junior at the University of Arizona. She was last published at age ten, when her Charlotte’s Web-themed crossword puzzle appeared in Creative Kids’ Magazine. A proponent of concision in writing, she was excited to discover Prime Number Magazine’s 53-Word Story Contest.