53-Word Story

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Donna Kennedy

Winner of the September 2017 Prime Number Magazine 53-Word Story Contest

Judged by Kelly Kathleen Ferguson, author of My Life as Laura: How I Searched for Laura Ingalls Wilder and Found Myself

Our Prompt for September 2017

September means school, students with pencils and paper still untouched from last-minute shopping the day before. Students will be schooled by teachers, coaches, and sometimes bullies. Young students may take care of schools of fish in their class’ aquariums. School typically has four semesters, but we all know that school really happens year-round


Write a 53-word story about school


The Shed Is Best by Donna Kennedy

The shed is best. It's forbidden. I step into the space between. Nobody kicks my butt here. Nobody says "Sammy stinks. Run away from Sammy." I stay 'til the playground is empty. I grab a little box from the trash and run home. In my closet, I eat the raisins one by one.


Author's 53-word biography

As a journalist and poet, Donna Kennedy learned to write short and to the point. Now flash is her favorite genre. Her feature stories, poetry and flash memoir have appeared in newspapers, anthologies and magazines, in print and online. "The Shed Is Best" was inspired by playground tales told by her fourth-grade grandchildren.