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Lukas Ray Hall

Selected by Guest Editor Seth Michelson

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after drinking



The lawn littered with aluminum & my brother

swinging on his forefinger, a pistol,


like a child’s toy. My brother

slurs the pistol towards me, asks again


why are you scared of me now?


I imagine a gap on my nose

where it would enter, where it would


unspool my face, where even if

he wanted to, he couldn’t help.


I’m only joking, he turns towards

the moon-lit-silver bark of the trees


& clicks the trigger.

The woods gleam with the bullet’s rush.


The howl cleaves the birds from the sap,

the hardwood. I, he laughs, honestly,


didn’t know if it was loaded, sits back down,

next to me & rubs my shoulder, with it still


in his hand. The barrel’s warm O,

against the back of my cheek.

Lukas Ray Hall, born & raised near the Twin Cities, holds an MFA from Pacific University. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Midway Journal, Moon City Review, Atlanta Review and Florida Review, among others. He won the Patsy Lea Core Memorial Award in Creative Writing for his poetry. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


You are more likely to use a firearm against a family member than a criminal or intruder.


With what fictional character would you most love to spend the day?

Major Major Major Major because I would get great joy out of saying his name all day.

What is your favorite day of the week?

You know, Tuesday doesn't get enough love. It’s not as glamorous as Friday, sure, but it’s definitely not a Monday either. 

Which movie have you seen over and over again? What keeps you coming back?

Jurassic Park because I like that scene where the dinosaur does that one thing.