53-Word Story

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Noël Rozny

Winner of the October 2017 Prime Number Magazine 53-Word Story Contest

Judged by Stephanie Carpenter, winner of the 2017 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction for her debut short story collection, Missing Persons

Prompt for October 2017

October is a month of harvest. A month of strange possibilities, magic hitchhiking on the breezes. One last hustle before the ragged rains of November. These are the final sessions on the porch. October is the last stroke of optimism before inevitable rest. A time to raise the dead before interring them again.


Write a 53-word story about bringing something in


Homecoming by Noël Rozny

I call one ghost to bring her home. I open windows to the night, light candles, set out her favorites: Hostess cupcakes, sparkly nail polish. A blanket worn down with washings, soft and sheer as a burial veil. Come home, little one. Come home from your wandering, let me put you to bed.


Author's 53-word biography

By day, Noël Rozny writes about sand dunes, species restoration, and science. By night, she dips her toes into fictional waters, eats copious amounts of chocolate cake, and howls at the moon. She is grateful for the simultaneous challenges and opportunities presented by flash fiction exercises. This is her first published short story.