Twelve Women in a Country Called America: Stories by Kelly Cherry

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Kelly Cherry’s tenth work of fiction delivers twelve compelling stories about women of the American South. These are women struggling to find their way through the everyday workings of life while also navigating the maze of self. From a young woman’s nightmare piano lesson to an elderly woman’s luminous last breath, Twelve Women in a Country Called America takes readers on a journey sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always enlightening.
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The Seven Stages of Anger and Other Stories
by Wendy J. Fox

Winner of the 2014 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction

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“What happens when a still life speaks? Wendy J. Fox invites us to eavesdrop. These beautiful, lyrical stories describe ordinary lives: speckled eggshells, creeping vines. Here’s the threat of fire out east and endless rain when the map meets Seattle. Here are characters so real you know them already. They’ve misplaced your keys and borrowed your car.”  
— Carol Guess, author of Darling Endangered and Doll Studies: Forensics

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This Miraculous Turning by Joseph Mills

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"Joseph Mills gives us poems that could change the world. Deeply affecting, these poems show us how to live with one another. 'I'm searching,' he says, 'for the right forms for these poems, ones as simple and solid as wooden bowls.' Everything here is true: measured, faultless. You do not want to miss this book. This Miraculous Turning is a bona fide miracle." 

—Kelly Cherry, former Poet Laureate of Virginia and author of The Life and Death of Poetry: Poems

Frozen Latitudes by Therése Halscheid

A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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"The settings of these exquisite poems range from a childhood home colored by a father’s dementia to the northern interior of Alaska with its stories from The Real People in which each word is 'a language of light.' These are moving, masterful poems in a brilliantly cohesive collection." 

— Donna Baier Stein, editor of Tiferet

New Anthology Travels the World
Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet
edited by Clifford Garstang

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“Travel invigorates and enlightens, and so does reading. You don’t have to go to the Congo to gain an understanding of the challenges women face there. You don’t have to go to Iran to sample Persian culture and anguish. When it’s done right—as the stories in this anthology are—fiction can transport you and show you the essential details, the soul of a place.  Read the book. Explore the globe. But remember, it’s a dangerous world.” 
—from the Introduction, by Clifford Garstang, editor
Fiddledeedee by Shelby Stephenson, North Carolina Poet Laureate elect

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Shelby Stephenson can walk out his back door—even in his sleep, it seems, so tithed to the land is his subconscious—and see what lies hidden before our very eyes: in the roods and plowsoles, the tree bark and creek beds, in his beloved spectre ancestors forever singing in his head. He writes about the mystery of the dirt—what it yields, what it reclaims—with more precision and prescience than any poet I can think of. I can hear him now, whispering his sacramental litany, his invocation: “it is nothing but a song—the long journey home.” Fiddledeedee is Shelby at his best. Blessed be his wholly liturgical verse—the bard, the very voice, of North Carolina. 

—Joseph Bathanti, former Poet Laureate of North Carolina
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$1,000 First Prize, plus publication
$250 Second Prize, plus publication
and publication for Third Prize

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Hotel Worthy by Valerie Nieman

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What are we to do with the lost, broken, failed things of our lives? How do we piece together the shards of relationships that didn't last, salvage the ghosts of our younger selves? Like a daring archeologist, the poems of Hotel Worthy dig [deeply] into the intimate layers of years, excavating the fossils of memory, love, loss, and family history. These poems compel us to have the courage to emerge from our past shipwrecks and embark anew. This collection is a roadmap for beginning again.

—Ansel Eklins, author of Blue Yodel, winner of the 2014 Yale Series of Younger Poets

Paradise Drive by Rebecca Foust
Winner of the 2015 Press 53 Award for Poetry
A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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“There is great music in these poems, and sonnet after sonnet is masterful. Not since Berryman’s Henry have I been so engaged by a persona: Pilgrim, who ‘like most of we’ is good and bad, hapless sometimes, other times approaching wisdom, always sending deeper and deeper her primary roots.”

—Thomas Lux, author of Child Made of Sand and God Particles
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Fissures: One Hundred 100-Word Stories by Grant Faulkner

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"Grant Faulkner’s sharply observed, darkly funny, heart-breaking bursts of highly compressed prose offers a startling view of what reality might look like through a funhouse microscope. Fissures pushes the boundaries of flash prose, and thank goodness for that. Sometimes less is so much more."

—Dinty W. Moore, author of Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy: Advice and Confessions on Writing, Love, and Cannibals

Women Who Loved Me Despite by Richard Krawiec
A Tom Lombardo Poetry Selection

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These are the poems of a life lived, their imagery taken primarily from the natural world but also from streets and vacant lots, back seats and back alleys. Women Who Loved Me Despite deals with fatherhood and loyalty, love realized and love betrayed, the lessons and misadventures of a man coming into his prime. I admire their small triumphs and celebrations, their refusal to look away from life's pain, and their hard-won occasional humor.

—Joseph Millar, author of Overtime 

Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers: Second Edition by Joseph Mills

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“…a must-have for all wine lovers. No ideology here, just perspective. Mills has a keen sense for why wine is so improbably important to so many of us, and on page after page, the wine lover will say, ‘Oh yes, that's me.’"

—Dave McIntyre, Washington Post