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In tribute to the great literary history of our home state, Press 53 has adopted a mission to bring back to print classic books by North Carolina authors that have fallen out of print. Great writing should never be lost.

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Five of the seven "Mountain books" by John Ehle

In 1961, John Ehle published the first of his seven-book Appalachia series that he called his “mountain books.” Written out of order, each book stands on its own. Chronologically, the series begins with The Land Breakers, which tells the story of freed indentured servants, Mooney and Imy Wright, who settle in the mountains of Western North Carolina in 1779. The series follows the family in leaps of time up to the Great Depression in 1930’s Asheville. Harper Lee offered praise when we reissued The Land Breakers in 2006 by writing, “John Ehle’s meld of historical fact with ineluctable plot-weaving makes The Land Breakers an exciting example of masterful storytelling. He is our foremost writer of historical fiction.” We currently have five of the seven “mountain books” in print. The Land Breakers (book one) was acquired by the New York Review of Books Classics in 2014, and The Road (book five) was reprinted by University of Tennessee Press before we began our Carolina Classics Editions, and it is still in print with them. If you are unfamiliar with John Ehle’s storytelling, you can begin with any of the seven “mountain books” and begin your amazing journey.

Book two  (book one is  The Land Breakers , available from New York Review of Books)

Book two

(book one is The Land Breakers, available from New York Review of Books)

Book three  (book four is  The Road , available from University of Tennessee Press)

Book three

(book four is The Road, available from University of Tennessee Press)

Book five

Book five

Book six

Book six

Book seven

Book seven

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