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About Prime Number Magazine

Since July 1, 2010, Prime Number Magazine has been featuring distinctive poetry and short fiction from writers around the world. Our name is inspired by our publisher, Press 53—fifty-three being a prime number (a number that can only be divided by the number one and itself). In celebration of this uniqueness, our first issue was Issue 2, the first prime number, and continued onward with Issue 3, Issue 5, Issue 7 and so on. 

Browse our pages and enjoy our contest winners and our guest editor selections.

Each issue of Prime Number Magazine features:

Winners of our quarterly Flash Fiction Contest

Winners of our free monthly 53-Word Story Contest

Selections in Poetry and Short Fiction from our Guest Editors

Introductions and a call for submissions for our upcoming Guest Editors


The annual October edition of Prime Number Magazine features the winners of our Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction that are open for entries January through March each year.

prime number

any integer other than 0 or ± 1 that is not divisible without remainder by any other integers except ± 1 and ± the integer itself (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary)

In literature: poetry and prose that is distinctive and unique (Prime Number Magazine)

Prime Number Magazine is a Press 53 publication, founded by Clifford Garstang and Kevin Morgan Watson on July 1, 2010, beginning with Issue 2 and continuing in prime numbers.