Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers by Joseph Mills


Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers by Joseph Mills


NEW! Second Edition with new poems!

ISBN 978-1-941209-22-6

9 x 6 paperback

78 pages

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Praise for Angles, Thieves, and Winemakers

“Joseph Mills, who seems to have kindred spirits in Billy Collins and Robert Frost, takes on the business of making the connections between wine and the rest of life, and making the words sing in the process.”

— Lynn Hoffman, author The New Short Course in Wine

“…a must-have for all wine lovers. No ideology here, just perspective. Mills has a keen sense for why wine is so improbably important to so many of us, and on page after page, the wine lover will say, ‘Oh yes, that's me.’"

— Dave McIntyreWashington Post

“In writing about wine, Joe's sensitivity, humility, creativity, and imagery are perhaps the closest I've come to experiencing wine, without actually drinking it.”

— Nikitas Magel from VintnerReviews

“This brilliantly written body of work had us laughing out loud, realizing that Joseph’s razor-sharp wit and wisdomwas more than what the doctor ordered . . . It was insightful, inspirational, and extremely well-written entertainment.” 

— Jo Diaz, wine writer

“Joseph Mills writes some of the best poetry I've read in a long time, and with this book, he sustains a book-length topic—wines (from all possible angles)—and produces some very fine poetry. Yeah, sure, uncork a bottle, and then read fine lines till your head spins. I promise no hangover—from the poetry.

— Eric Shaeffer


About the Author

A professor at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Joseph Mills holds an endowed chair, the Susan Burress Wall Distinguished Professorship in the Humanities. He has published six collections of poetry with Press 53. His book This Miraculous Turning was awarded the 2015 Roanoke-Chowan Award for Poetry, and his collection Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers was called “a must have for wine lovers” by the Washington Post. His poetry has been featured several times on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac and in former U.S. poet laureate Ted Kooser's nationally syndicated newspaper column “American Life in Poetry.” In addition to his volumes of poetry, he has researched and written two editions of A Guide to North Carolina’s Wineries with his wife, Danielle Tarmey. He also has edited a collection of film criticism A Century of the Marx Brothers. He has degrees in literature from the University of Chicago, the University of New Mexico, and the University of California, Davis.