Glossolalia by David Jauss


Glossolalia by David Jauss


ISBN: 978-1-935708-84-1

9 x 6-inch paperback, 250 pages

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Praise for the work of DAVID JAUSS

For more than three decades David Jauss has been quietly crafting gems of literature. In Glossolalia he demonstrates yet again the skill, insight, and artistry that have earned him a place among the very best American writers. 

—Clint McCown 

Glossolalia is an absolute triumph of the short form by a master of it, and you will not read a better collection anywhere. 

—Andre Dubus III

If I were in charge of the seating arrangements, I’d reserve a place for David Jauss in the very first row of contemporary American fiction writers. . . . I’m in awe of Glossolalia

—Wally Lamb

I have long been a great admirer of the work of David Jauss, though admirer is too weak a word. More like a fanatical fan. His stories have been personal landmarks for as long as I have been writing. . . . The new stories are stronger than ever, which is saying a lot, given the power of the early work, and the publication of Glossolaia is an occasion for all readers to cheer. 

—Bret Lott

Written with clarity and compassion and an ability to see several sides of life simultaneously, Black Maps is a moving, impressive, deeply rewarding collection from a very talented writer. 

—Lorrie Moore

What a fine collection David Jauss has written. . . . The language of Crimes of Passion is clearly consecrated to its characters: they and their predicaments are more important to Jauss than is any need to show us how rich his gift is. It is very, very rich. 

—Frederick Busch

Crimes of Passion is a remarkably varied performance, speaking to us at different times from 16th-century Spain and post-Vietnam America, in the voices of murderers, priests, and heart-broken lovers. The stories are executed with verve and wit, and one of them—“Shards”—is terrifying enough to have vexed my sleep for two nights running. A fine collection. 

—Tobias Wolff