In the Season of Blood and Gold by Taylor Brown


In the Season of Blood and Gold by Taylor Brown


ISBN 978-1-941209-04-2

8.5 x 5.5 paperback, approx 175 pages

The title story from In the Season of Blood & Gold is the first chapter of Taylor's novel, Fallen Land, published by St. Martin's Press, January 2016

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Praise for In the Season of Blood & Gold

"Almost all Taylor Brown’s stories are family dramas, stories of blood and kinship, betrayal, and conflicted loyalties. Set sometimes in the past, other times in the present or future, and told with verve in a fresh and memorable voice, these stories reward the reader with surprise, authenticity, and the mystery of human connection."

— Robert Morgan, author of The Road from Gap Creek

"With ferocious economy and a great big heart, Taylor Brown writes one of the best debuts I've ever picked up. These are stories, verses, meditations, and accusations—everything, in short, you could hope to get from important fiction. This work demands your attention." 

— Charles Dodd White, author of Sinners of Sanction County


"The temperature might hover in the 90s outside, but it's always chilly in the fictional world of Wilmington writer Taylor Brown." 

— Ben SteelmanStarNews (read the review)

"It is easy to see why Brown’s work has commanded renown already. The prose is economical and stark, pulsing with vibrancy as often as a heartbeat." 

— Sam SlaughterHeavy Feather Review (read the review)

"Brown’s stories are gritty and full of heart, full of the blood that pumps through our veins and ties us together to our family without question. His prose is tight, and he is probably one of the loveliest souls in existence, in person as on the page."

— The Coil, "Best Books of 2014"


About the Author

Taylor Brown grew up on the Georgia coast. He has lived in Buenos Aires, San Francisco, and the mountains of Western North Carolina. His fiction has appeared in more than twenty publications, including The Baltimore Review, The North Carolina Literary Review, and storySouth. He is the recipient of the Montana Prize in Fiction, and was a finalist in both the Machigonne Fiction Contest and the Doris Betts Fiction Prize. An Eagle Scout, he lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.