Piranhas & Quicksand & Love by Sally Shivnan


Piranhas & Quicksand & Love by Sally Shivnan


ISBN 978-1-941209-42-4

8.5 x 5.5 paperback

204 pages

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Praise for Piranhas Quicksand & Love:

In this collection of stories Sally Shivnan gives life to the dreams of the most unexpected of characters. Written with a rationed lyricism, the writing is clean and unpretentious but hits the mark every time. Endearing, poignant, tender and true, these are stories to surprise and delight . . . and occasionally pierce your heart.

—Jill Dawson, author of Watch Me Disappear

Sally Shivnan writes with grace and understanding about people who often lack both. Her stories pull us in with a quiet, observant, knowing voice that occasionally soars into the lyrical.

—Thomas Swick, author of The Joys of Travel: And Stories That Illuminate Them

“The fourteen stories in Piranhas & Quicksand & Love are clear and profound . . . . Read this book to savor its beautiful language, to drink in its gentle defiance. Piranhas & Quicksand & Love calls readers to ride the waves of a sea besieged by predatory behavior and natural disaster. To sail on, nevertheless, toward love.”

—The Washington Independent Review of Books

Sally Shivnan's prose is so clear, and governed by a hand so precisely attuned to the demands of the story, that the words seem to disappear, and you look through them without quite having the sense that anything is between you and the people she's created. These stories will take hold of you from the first line. Each one provides what Peter Taylor once said all good stories provide: superior entertainment.

—Richard Bausch, author of Before, During, After


About the Author

Sally Shivnan’s fiction and essays have appeared in The Georgia Review, Antioch Review, Glimmer Train, Rosebud, and other journals, and in anthologies including The Best American Travel Writing and Travelers’ Tales Best Travel Writing. Her travel essays have been featured in The Washington Post, Miami Herald, Nature Conservancy Magazine, Washingtonian, Saturday Evening Post, baltimore.org, and many other publications and websites. She broadcasts her bi-weekly “Prose and Poetry” radio program for blind listeners via the Radio Reading Network of Maryland, available for streaming. She was the winner of the 2011 Travel Classics International Travel Writers Contest and a Maryland State Arts Council grant, among other awards. She teaches creative writing at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC), is currently at work on a novel, and can be found at SallyShivnan.com.