Temporium by Kelly Cherry


Temporium by Kelly Cherry

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ISBN 978-1-941209-57-8 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-941209-58-5 (hardcover)

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Praise for Kelly Cherry

Praise for Twelve Women in a Country Called America       

“These stories are thrilling to read. They are bold and exploratory, truthful, and unflinching. Kelly Cherry is a magnificent storyteller!

—Bobbie Ann Mason, author of In Country and The Girl in the Blue Beret

”Funny, tender, surprising and exact, this is a stunning collection from a writer at the top of her form.”

—Janet Burroway, author of Losing Tim: A Memoir

“A national treasure.”

—Lee K. Abbott, author of All Things, All at Once: New & Selected Stories

“An absolute pleasure and a gift.”

—Judith Claire Mitchell, author of A Reunion of Ghosts: A Novel

“Kelly Cherry is a writer’s writer, a master storyteller.”

—Lee Smith, author of Guests on Earth: A Novel and The Last Girls: A Novel

Praise for Quartet for J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Poem

“As a poetic biography, Kelly Cherry’s “Quartet for J. Robert Oppenheimer” is a stunning tribute to one of America’s most significant scientists. As Cherry traces the life of Oppenheimer, she compels us to consider not only our condition as human beings but our responsibility to each other and our world. Cherry’s work is a remarkable achievement.”

—Sonja James, The Journal

“What sets her biography apart from prose ones? Well, she’s a brilliant poet: she knows how to use her craft to say something in a more richly condensed way than prose can do.”

—Peggy Rosenthal, Image Journal and Patheos

About the Author

Kelly Cherry is the former Poet Laureate of Virginia (2010 –2012) and is the author of twenty-six books, ten chapbooks, and two translations of classical drama. She is an Emeritus Member of Poets Corner at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City, and was the first recipient of the Hanes Poetry Prize from the Fellowship of Southern Writers. Her many other awards include fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation, a Bradley Achievement Award, the William “Singing Billy” Walker Award for Lifetime Achievement in Southern Letters, the L.E. Phillabaum Poetry Award, the Carole Weinstein Prize in Poetry, and a USIS Speaker Award (the Philippines). She is the Eudora Welty Professor Emerita of English and Evjue-Bascom Professor Emerita in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin Madison, and a University of Alabama in Huntsville Eminent Scholar, 2001-2005. She and her husband live on a farm in Virginia.