Surreal South '09


Surreal South '09


Surreal South '09

edited by Laura & Pinckney Benedict

Cover art by Minna Svensson

9 x 6 paperback

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Welcome to the Surreal South, the dream of the nation within the nation, the world within the world, shadowed by all the unmitigated horrors and illuminated by all the dubious glories of its distant and ill-remembered past, a puzzle, a slightly gruesome enticement, a boundless ambiguity, an enduring paradox, and an endless source of myth.


Alexander Lumans

Becky Hagenston

Dan Mueller

Heather Fowler

J.T. Ellison

Jedidiah Ayres

Jessica Glass

John McManus

Josh McCall

Josh Woods

Kurt Rheinheimer

Kyle Minor

Lee K. Abbott

Melanie DeCarolis

Michael Garriga

Michael Kardos

Okla Elliott & Raul Clement

Oscar Hokeah

Sheryl Monks

Steve Patten

Tantra Bensko