Enter the Prime Number Magazine Flash Fiction Contest!

The Prime Number Magazine Flash Fiction Contest began as a monthly competition in July 2017. On January 1, 2019 the competition shifted to a quarterly competition. The reading fee for entry is a low $7 (a prime number) per submission, with the following payouts for our winners:

First Prize: $353 (a prime number) and publication 

Second Prize: $151 (a prime number) and publication

Third Prize: $53 (a prime number dear to us) and publication

Winners will be announced no later than one month following the close of submissions and the stories will appear in the next quarterly issue of Prime Number Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to reading your stories. 

You'll find guidelines on our submissions page at Submittable, the best online submissions manager in the business.

Join our list of winning writers!

Apr-Jun 2019: First Prize ($353): “The Bear/The Me” by Ben Noonan of Troy, NY; Second Prize ($151): “Across the Sinai at Night” by Andrea Marcusa of New York, NY; Third Prize ($53): “Family Roots” by Jaclyn J. Reed of Hershey, PA (Issue 163, Oct-Dec 2019)

Jan-Mar 2019: First Prize “Hurled at the Night” by Kathryn McMahon; Second Prize “Surrealist Hellscape” by Kelly Wisdom; Third Prize “Chikuzen Reproves His Sister” by John Van Kirk (Issue 157, July 1, 2019)

December 2018: “Sunburn” by Charles Duffie (Issue 151, Apr-Jun 2019)

November 2018: "The Things We Do for A’s" by William Tate (Issue 151, Apr-Jun 2019)

October 2018: “The Collective” by Rachael Fowler (Issue 149, Jan-Mar 2019)

September 2018: “Come Live with Me on This Shitty Island” by Tyler Barton (Issue 149, Jan-Mar 2019)

August 2018: "Machete" by Yoán Moreno (Issue 149, Jan-Mar 2019)

July 2018: “The One Thing That Contains Everything” by Mark Wagenaar (Issue 139, Oct-Dec 2018)

June 2018: "Ms. Swift" by Luke Tennis (Issue 139, Oct-Dec 2018)

May 2018: "We of the Water-Chambers" by Jacob Oet (Issue 139, Oct-Dec 2018)

Apr 2018: "Lost Hills" by Ann Hillesland (Issue 137, Jul-Sep 2018)

Mar 2018: "Deep Blue by Jonathan Segol (Issue 137, Jul-Sep 2018)

Feb 2018: "First Floor Foolin’" by Colin Packard (Issue 137, Jul-Sep 2018)

Jan 2018: "The Parable of the Yacht" by Lindsey Griffin (Issue 131, Apr-Jun 2018)

Dec 2017: “None of It’s Been Good” by Stephanie Friedman (Issue 131, Apr-Jun 2018)

Nov 2017: "Jesus When I am Seventeen" by Jade Ramsey (Issue 131, Apr-Jun 2018)

Oct 2017: "Brotherhood" by David E. Yee (Issue 127, Jan-Mar 2018)

Sept 2017: "Boxwood Fox Hunt" by Sarah Ann Winn (Issue 127, Jan-Mar 2018)

Aug 2017: “Quality of Light” by David Armstrong (Issue 127, Jan-Mar 2018)

July 2017: "Interrogation" by Michael Chin (Issue 113, Oct-Dec 2017)