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June–Annie Dodson / July–Michele Partain / August–Emily West

Annie Dodson sq.jpg

Annie Dodson

June 2018

Prompt: write a 53-word story about mud

Judged by Christopher Forrest, Editor, Press 53


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Low Tide by Annie Dodson
Every morning, she walked down to the muddy shore, searching for footprints. The events of the previous night were revealed, the wildlife rush hour report. The fox’s dainty prints, barely visible, the ominous alligator slides, the hand-like prints of the mother raccoon, two kits in tow. Her heart sank—yesterday, there were three.


53-word Bio

Annie Dodson enjoys observing nature in the Florida Panhandle with her husband Scott and their dog Pete. She works as an engineer for a global plastics company by day and writes fiction by night. She is a member of the Pensacola Writing and Critique Group. This is her first published work of fiction.

Michele Partain.JPG

Michele Partain

July 2018

Prompt: write a 53-word story about a UFO

Judged by Hedy Habra


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The End by Michele Partain

I admired the falcon till it caught my eye. A speck in the sky swelled, expanded, eclipsed the sun. Shadow covered my block, further, then raced up the slopes of the mountains I'd loved. And I had feared cancer. 

Only a moment to stroke Gracie and whisper, "There will be no more tears..."


53-word Bio

Rumors that Michele Partain lives at Prescott Library are exaggerated. Recently retired, she’s only begun writing seriously. Quilting friends, most twenty to thirty years her senior, assure her she’s not too old! She’s working on a series about women crafting together, sharing life, and supporting each other. Contact her at for updates.

Emily West.jpg

Emily West

August 2018

Prompt: write a 53-word story about something sour

Judged by Gerry Wilson


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Nuptials by Emily West

They were married at a state park in Texas, where thunderstorms had driven the rattlesnakes out of their dens. Poison ivy rashes raged under his tuxedo and the blisters on his finger burst and oozed when they exchanged rings. They drank whiskey sours at the reception and pretended not to believe in omens.


53-word Bio

Emily West is a French translator. She earned her MA in Translation from Kent State University. Her work has been used to prosecute war criminals at the ICC and to sop up grease on fast food trays around the globe. She writes from Austin, Texas, where she lives with her husband and daughter.