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Meg Freer

Winner of the January 2018 Prime Number Magazine 53-Word Story Contest

Judged by Felicia Mitchell, author of Waltzing with Horses

Our Prompt for January 2018

January is a time for new beginnings, turning over a new leaf, doing right now what we should have been doing all along. Most of us go into January promising to change something about ourselves—how we eat, exercise, maybe communicate—and a few of us actually keep that promise. Here’s to resolutions!

Write a 53-word story about a promise



Taking Stock by Meg Freer

The flock of geese whips about like a wayward kite string and pulls me to the lake, where I cast off vanity into the frazil ice at the shore. It pulses boldly in the waves and glitters appealingly like a discarded sequined dress, begging to be retrieved. But I don't want it anymore.


53-Word Biography

Meg Freer grew up in Montana and now lives with her family in Kingston, Ontario, where she teaches piano and music history. She enjoys outdoor activities year-round, photography, and running, and wishes she had more time for writing poetry. In 2017 she won a fellowship and attended the Summer Literary Seminars in Tbilisi.