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Sorella Andersen 

Selected by Guest Editor for Poetry Yahya Frederickson

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We dove clean into the chlorine

     where raindrops rose

like stalagmites from the night-lit pool,

and floated in the shifting cyan glow

of artificial hope. In being naked,

      we forgot to be alone.

The water, of course, was heated

and chemical-sweet, like a kiss

ought to be. Soaked in blues

     and sober, I chose

to know him. Once-loves sunk,

not like stones but like rain onto

my upturned tongue. Here I am, Polo,

     a body exposed

and hid again; while thunder hung

like laughter in gods’ lungs, the deluge

was diluted by a halting touch. Lightning

     —or a bulb in some strange home—

shone electric, Edenic, on the scene.

So we ran, bare and trembling,

     for our clothes.



Sorella Lark Andersen is a senior Creative Writing and Visual Arts student at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her poems have been published in the Eckerd Review—where she currently serves as co-Editor-in-Chief—and in Z Publishing’s Florida’s Best Emerging Poets.


“Skinny” was inspired by my bucket-list trip to Cypress Cove, a nudist resort in Kissimmee, Florida.


What is one thing about you that people assume?

Upon meeting me for the first time and noticing my height—I’m 6’1”—new acquaintances often tell me: “You must play basketball!” Some of them then smile self-assuredly, as if they were an amateur psychic performing a party trick. Others apologize immediately, saying “But you must get that all the time!” The ritual confuses me, more than anything.

What is your spirit animal?

I don’t have a spirit animal, but an animal that appears sometimes in my poetry is the black skimmer (Rynchops niger). Skimmers are common to the southwest Florida beaches that I grew up frequenting. To hunt, the birds slice their red-tipped beaks through the shallow water, barely skimming the surface, then lift back into the sky; it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Rock, paper, or scissors?

As a writer and sometime collage-artist, it feels appropriate to choose paper.