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Julie Zuckerman’s fiction and nonfiction have appeared in a variety of publications, including The SFWP Quarterly, The Macguffin, Salt Hill, Sixfold, The Coil, Ellipsis, Crab Orchard Review and others. A native of Connecticut, she now lives in Modiin, Israel, with her husband and four children. The Book of Jeremiah was the runner-up for the 2018 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction and is her debut story collection.

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The Book of Jeremiah: A Novel in Stories by Julie Zuckerman

ISBN 978-1-941209-98-1

9 x 6 paperback, 202 pages

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Praise for The Book of Jeremiah

One of the characters in Julie Zuckerman’s novel in stories, The Book of Jeremiah, refers to the biblical book of the same title as “all doom and gloom,” but Zuckerman’s book about Jeremiah Gerstler and his family is anything but. It contains considerable loss, trouble, sorrow, and suffering, but its thirteen stories are also laced with love, forgiveness, hope, optimism, and even what we might call salvation. It is a book that acknowledges the darkness while leading the Gerstlers, and us, toward the light—and toward each other. Reading these wise and moving stories, you’ll feel like a long-lost relative who’s returned home just in time for the family reunion.

—David Jauss, author of Glossolalia: New & Selected Stories and Nice People: New and Selected Stories II

This book is the moving, endearing story of Jeremiah Gerstler—son, father, husband, academic, Jew—who tries over the course of his life to be the best person he can, and who will inspire his readers to do the same. Jumping backwards and forwards in time to hone in on various periods in Gerstler's life, this novel-in-stories offers a sensitive and nuanced portrayal of some of life's most painful and private moments. 

—Ilana Kurshan, author of If All the Seas Were Ink, winner of the 2018 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature

Jeremiah Gerstler delighted, enraged, and moved me, sometimes all at once. In The Book of Jeremiah, Julie Zuckerman has created nothing less than a life. These stories shimmer with tenderness and truth.

—Anna Solomon, author of Leaving Lucy Pear

"...an intriguing opportunity to contemplate a life not in a conventional, linear fashion, but as brief, meticulously crafted glimpses into key scenes  that come together to form a multi-valenced composite."

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