Kelly Kathleen Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson’s work has appeared in mental_floss magazinePoets & WritersGettysburg Review (for which she received a Pushcart nomination), McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and Brevity, among other publications. She has an MFA from the University of Montana, and is currently teaching at Southren Utah University. Kelly is Libra, Cancer rising, moon in Aquarius. She is Irish/French/ German, lapsed Roman Catholic, and right-brained. Kelly once received a minority scholarship for a machinist certification program at Durham Technical Community College. When Kelly was four, she ate a mothball and had to have her stomach pumped, or she would have died.

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My Life as Laura by Kelly Kathleen Ferguson (Biography/Memoir)

A Robin Miura Memoir Selection

9 x 6 paperback

200 pages

ISBN 978-1-935708-44-5

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